Management improvements in the organization – case study

Management improvements in the organization - case study


The dynamics of the changing world has never been so breathtaking as it can be observed within the last couple of decades. Changes in the market economy, which used to take centuries, now happen overnight, social changes which took years to happen, now become reality in a blink of an eye.

New technologies transform our world so dramatically, that our minds struggle to keep up and stay afloat on the surface of the ocean of new ways of communication, production, or marketing which took over the global economy. It is exciting and unspeakably challenging, both for individuals and companies.

Since globalization came to stay, a lot is happening to the businesses which for many years have had its unquestionable leaders and now some of them encounter difficulties to organize themselves and successfully compete not only with the old and well-known competitors but with the new ones, the changing and quickly shifting customer demands and the expectations of human capital.

The only way to survive for these old kings of the market is to rapidly implement changes to their organization, manage and control the implementation and adopt everything, every tool, and concept which will allow them to improve effectiveness, attract and retain staff and achieve better financial results, in at least short and mid-term perspective. The good news is that there is more data, more research, and more theoretical work regarding organizational change and management tools available than ever before.

Moreover, the core of every company – the employees are already to a certain level acquainted with the process of change, its nature, dynamics, and possible outcomes. In addition, modern technologies offer a plethora of tools for managers to choose from – easy to use and cheaper than ever. The challenge remains the same as always – what to choose and how to use it effectively?

The focus of this paper is on one of the electronic and technology industry’s giants, with great heritage, fantastic brand, once great lines of products, which faced huge troubles in the recent years with overall performance and financial losses.

We will take a closer look at the organizational management and try to make some suggestions on what can be done to improve the financial situation through organizational management and managerial activities. We will also try to assess what it takes to achieve it.

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