Here is where your journey to success begins. A logo is the core of your company’s and brand identity, a visual emanation of its personality, and the promise it makes to its consumers. Just like the company or brand’s name, a logo can be one of the most valuable assets of the company, in the case of the well-known brands, worth a fortune. Outsource the creative process of logo design to the professionals. Share with us your brand communication strategy, tell us how you want your brand to be perceived by your potential customers – based on this information we will design a well-thought, strategic and artistic logo that will become your symbol for many years ahead. Together with the logo, it is worthwhile to consider creating a so-called “claim” – a short slogan (usually 2 to 5 words long sentence), which is linked to the logo and presents the mission and main values which your company and your brand represent. We will help you develop the claim, too.

We have designed dozens of logos for our clients. In some cases, they needed to change it due to the change in the company’s business profile – they always came back to us to help them with these tasks.

  • Strategy

    Brand identity

  • Design

    Art Direction, graphic


Do you need a logo?

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