Packaging is sometimes called “the silent seller” – although we tend to think it is occasionally quite a loud one! No matter how many campaigns you will run for your product (especially when it comes to FMCG), at the end of the day the purchasing decision will be made by the consumer standing in the supermarket alley, in front of the shelves, and making up his/her mind while looking at the products’ packaging. Make sure that your product’s packaging and label perfectly reflect the personality of the product inside – highlight its quality, match the suggested pricing strategy, and answer the needs, expectations, and tastes of your target group. We will create graphic designs of packaging and labels for your products, take care of the color strategy, organize and supervise photo sessions with the best photographers in the industry, assure the copywriting on the labels is top-notch. We will do our best so your products will not be overlooked on the store shelves.

Do we know anything about packaging? Well, we have been greatly successful in packaging design since we started doing this for many, small and some impressively big clients in the 1990s. This is a lot of experience – and with all this knowledge we are ready to design your product’s packaging today.

  • Strategy

    Branding, identyfikacja wizualna, strategia komunikacji, copywriting

  • Design

    UI Design, Art Direction, DTP, Production


Do you need a label or a packaging?

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